Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!

A new job-search year is upon us! Welcome Back to some, and Greetings to others!

This site is modeled after the successful sociology job search "blog. The current iteration of this can be found here, but for a full year's version (2007-2008) go here.

Because of the problem of wiki vandalism a password-protected Classics page has been established here:

Classics Wiki 2008-2009

In order to access this wiki you must be a member, so an account has been established which everybody can use, anonymously. The log-in email is:

The password is the first phrase commented upon by Austin in his Little Red Oxford commentary on the sixth book. Enter this two word phrase as oneword. If you would prefer to open a WikiDot account of your own, and would like access to the Classics Wiki hosted there, the password to gain access is the same.


In order to encourage as many voices as possible this site will be completely driven by the comments sections. It will only be as useful (and civilized) as you all make it. We would suggest that you sign up for a Blogger ID so that you can edit your comments (and later delete them if need arises) and so that people will be able to respond to your anonymous online persona rather than a series of "anonymous" posts. Just a thought.

Do not list names on this site. As hires are announced in the spring the wiki will be filled in by those made offers, and who are willing to post such information on the wiki. Any comments which reveal names, directly or indirectly by posting TMI will be deleted post-haste.

Most importantly, please, please, please maintain a supportive and helpful environment! Applicants and Search Committees are all in this together, even though it often does not feel that way. This process is brutal enough without exacerbating it by impugning the methods and motives of others. Remember, we are all present and future colleagues. Let's live up to our current reputation (scroll down about a third of the way) as model academic citizens! For some serious academic job-market snark, however, we suggest you direct the eyeballs to this blog, of which we are, curiously enough, devoted fans.

This space was created as a way for information sharing, not as a platform for launching unsubstantiated and slanderous rumors. Humor is good. Good-natured kvetching is good. Helping each other out with tips is great, and getting well-informed and well-intentioned advice from those who have gone through this wringer is truly awesome. We can all learn a great deal from each other, applicants and non-applicants alike, but only if we strive to maintain a thoughtful and graceful conversation. We should continue to discuss difficult and challenging topics, but let us try to do so in a way that shows respect for our audience and a humble regard for our own place within it!

In boca al' lupo, Quirites!

(a send-off left by an anonymous poster that is too good not to plagiarize)

Sincerely Yours,
Servius, Servia, and Donatus

Naked Mole Rats et al.

Because one can never be too careful

Questions, Answers and such regarding the assembly of dossiers, mailing practices, letters of application, etc.

A couple of sometimes useful, and always entertaining, sites to check out are the Chronicle of Higher Education's Fora:

The Job Seeking Experience

The Interview Process

The threads are often not apposite, but they can be a treasure-trove of laughs and morale boosts.

Hopefully the comments section here (as well as last year's thread) will provide more APA/AIA-specific help.

Interviewing Advice, Tips and Experiences

Check out the thread of this same name from last year as well. Please don't be bashful about asking questions!

Job Announcements

Please use this thread to announce new positions, whether they are in advance of the normal APA deadlines, seen on non-APA sites, or even if it is your own department that is advertising. Please do not use this space for discussion, comments, etc. unrelated to this narrow topic matter. All such comments will be moved to Teh Random Scuttlebutz in order to keep this thread clean and useful.

Geno's or Pat's?

Oh, and other far less important questions, answers and such regarding Philadelphia, this year's site of the APA/AIA.

First rule: Don't Jaywalk!

Teh Random Scuttlebuttz

Questions, answers, and random thoughts about the job-seeking experience.

Job Search Updates

Until we figure out how to deal most effectively with the wiki vandalism, feel free to provide updates in the comments here.

A new wiki has also been established. See the post above for directions and password.

In your comment please note exactly which position(s) you are updating, if possible just cut and paste from the job-search page.

Fly The Friendly Skies!

Please post updates, comments, and questions related to "fly-outs" and other such things related to campus visits.

The Long, Twilight Struggle...

... or Spring Hopes Eternal.

This thread is devoted to questions, answers and updates regarding jobs which have post-APA deadlines.

... And There Was Much Rejoicing

Whether announcing a job offered, or a job accepted, feel free to let the world (or at least the few hundred readers of this blog) know. Once again, please don't name names, even your own.

Professional Developments

A thread devoted to questions of specialization, as well as professional and departmental expectations for philologists, historians, philosophers and archaeologists. Make it inclusive and welcoming, please!

Elysian Fields Forever

No one, I think, is in my tree
I mean, it must be high or low
That is, you can't, you know, tune in, but its alright
That is, I think its not too bad

This section is devoted to those of us who have shuffled off this mortal coil, seen the light, and are now exploring options with McKinsey Co., Bain & Co., et al.

In all seriousness, please post here if you are interested in learning more about non-academic careers for classicists, or if you can point to resources, contacts, and ideas for those who are contemplating such a move.

Past Performance is not a Guarantee of Future Returns

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics:

Hiring Data from 2005-2006

Hiring Data from 2006-2007

Hiring Data from 2007-2008

See the archived version of last year's classics wiki (requires wikidot log-in) in order to get a sense of how the most recent market behaved in terms of contact dates, etc.