Thursday, September 1, 2016

So-cratz - "The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing"

Because one can never be too careful

Please use this thread for straight-up questions and answers regarding the assembly of dossiers, mailing practices, letters of application, interviews, job-talks, etc. Basically anything involving the process, from A to Z.

A sometimes useful, and oftentimes entertaining, site to check out is the Chronicle of Higher Education's Discussion Forum. Two particularly relevant examples are here:

The Job Seeking Experience

The Interview Process

The threads are often not apposite, but they can be a treasure-trove of laughs and morale boosts. And don't forget to check the archives on this site for the past few years.

These are now old, so please send in new suggestions.


ChauffeurTravel said...
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Anonymous said...

this is not really related to the market but now that I have your attention: does anyone know of a repository of handy endnote software (endnote itself or zotero /etc) 'styles' for footnotes/bibliographies that correspond to any classics journals? the databases have great ones for other fields but I haven't seen any for ours and so have ended up making some. If others are engaged in this endeavor, we should share.