Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Down da shore

Because one can never be too careful

Please use this thread for straight-up questions and answers regarding the assembly of dossiers, mailing practices, letters of application, interviews, job-talks, etc. Basically anything involving the process, from A to Z.

A sometimes useful, and oftentimes entertaining, site to check out is the Chronicle of Higher Education's Discussion Forum. Two particularly relevant examples are here:

The Job Seeking Experience

The Interview Process

The threads are often not apposite, but they can be a treasure-trove of laughs and morale boosts. And don't forget to check the archives on this site for the past few years.

These are now old, so please send in new suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Open question for Hellenists: any thoughts on journal quality and specialties? That is, what is your specialty and the top 3 journals you think worth submitting an article to, particularly early on in career? Yes, vague.

(Of course, mentors give advice, but curious on the opinions of the hoi polloi.)

Anonymous said...

You are free to discard my input since I'm really a Greek historian/archaeologist, but in my corner of the discipline, many of these traditional assessments are eroding. Yes, there are some big name journals that are particularly impressive to the old guard, but issues of open access and the very nature of the publishing platform have effectively altered this dynamic and thing remain in flux. So for instance, it's difficult in this day and age to publish field work without the extensive use of figures, yet the most prestigious archaeological journals only allow a limited number of black and white images. This is a bit ludicrous. If my own institution doesn't have access to the journal, I typically avoid it if I can. I'm recently tenured so I have this luxury, which I know most younger scholars do not have. I did AJA, Hesperia, etc. as a secondary author but I doubt I will ever submit to these venues as the lead author.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd be willing or able to rank journals in a top 3 sort of way; it seems to me that there are many that are more or less equally good and respected, and much depends on what kind of work you're doing. The best bet is probably to try submitting to journals that have published the articles most relevant to your own work. But if we're just generalizing and thinking primarily about Greek literature broadly construed, I'm not sure you can do any better than Classical Philology, JHS, and CQ. You can probably also do just as well elsewhere, and previous anon's comment about changes to the publishing platform are relevant. The only journals that it would seem wise to avoid entirely early in your career are ones that aren't available electronically, or not widely available, and that's an increasingly small number.

Anonymous said...

Though not as prestigious as the like of CQ or JHS, I'd give a strong recommendation to GRBS. It's reasonably prestigious (especially for late or Byzantine work), but it's also open access, and has a pretty fast turn around from submission to comments.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would publish in a reasonably prestigious journal that is accessible, expeditious, and a good fit. It doesn't matter how prestigious a journal is if it takes three years to publish from submission and you're about to hit the market. Well, maybe it does. I know at least one person who got a job last year whose claim to achievement was Fancy Journal (in press, expected 2017). The people in charge now are dinosaurs and buffoons. If your advisor resembles this description, perhaps roll the dice and follow their archaic advice since they obviously speak the language of those in charge of this "flaming wreck." Bonus points if the advisor sits on the editorial board of Fancy Journal and pulls some strings for you.

Anonymous said...

What I'm getting from 9:10/9:19 is a defense of the status quo based on "tiredness". That's pretty damning for the status quo crowd.

Anonymous said...

^ Ostrich it is.

You've invented straw/bogeymen to argue that engaging publicly in a rational way with a real scandal that is already public would somehow forever stain both the individual doing the engaging and the discipline, even if that engagement is to condemn criminal acts.

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